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Neptune Works

Metal Pins


​Argee metal pins included a wide range of pointed, tapered and parallel suited for various industries and purposes.



​​Wm Smith & Son needles include a vast range of high quality sailmaker, tapestry and kits in different sizes.

Sewing Palms


​​Wm Smith & Son sewing palms include a host of left or right handed sewing palms to suit your needs.

to the home of needles & pins

Your site for needles and pins from the global experts who’ve been manufacturing them for centuries…


Wm Smith & Son and Argee Pointing Services Manufacturer of pins, needles, sewing palms and springs. Wm Smith & Son is a long standing family business established in 1835 by William Smith in Redditch, England and now part of Stride Group of companies.


Products include: 


Sailmaking needles, Wire straightening and cutting service, Metal comb pins, Pointed metal pins, Leather sewing palms, Leather knife sheaths, Compression springs, Metal spindles and Wire shapes.

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