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Wm Smith Sewing Palms

All our sewing palms are made in leather and are available in right hand and left hand.

No 2 sewing palm
No 3 sewing palm
No 5 sewing palm
No 2.5 sewing palm
No 2.5 sewing palm 2
No 2 sewing palm 2
No 9 sewing palm
No 10 sewing palm
No 11 sewing palm
No 12 sewing palm
No 15 sewing palm
No 16 sewing palm
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Wm Smith knife sheaths


Leather knife sheaths supplied to standard patterns or to customers specifications. 


Three postion natural leather colour 3 mm knife sheath. Available in natural, brown of black colour leather.

Knife sheaths 4
Knife sheaths
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