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Neptune Works


Sailmakers needles


Available sizes from 9swg to 19 swg. Made from high carbon heat treated steel and supplied with a highly polished finish. 

Wm Smith & Son hand finished genuine reduced edge quality sailmakers needles.

No 103 packet of 5 assorted sizes 13 to 19 swg No 209 sailmakers needles. 

No 107 tube containing 10 assorted sizes 14 to 18 swg No 209 sailmakers needles.

No 104 tube containing 20 assorted sizes 14 to 18 swg No 209 sailmakers needles and 2 hand sewing needles. 

Wm Smith sailmakers needle labels before packing in tubes or packets of 25 needles.

Tapestry needles.


Available sizes from 13swg to 24swg.  Made from high carbon heat treated steel and supplied bright nickel plated.

Household needle repair kit.


  • Kit supplied with one each needle

  • Sail

  • Tapestry  

  • Curved mattres

  • Glovers and Sewing

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